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Case study

Communication is Key: HammondCare

Meditrax has been working with aged care provider HammondCare for over 10 years. In his previous role as assistant manager of a HammondCare home, Alex Blanch was familiar with Meditrax RMMR reports for the residents in his care.

However, as the Clinical Governance Manager, Alex values the overarching guidance and experience Meditrax brings to the whole organisation.
very helpful in providing support

Beyond the RMMR

HammondCare is a large, not-for-profit aged care provider. Its services include residential care, home care, community health and hospital care with 75 facilities across NSW, South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and ACT.
As a manager of a HammondCare facility, Alex always appreciated Meditrax’s expertise.

“They provided a bit of governance support around how we should be looking at systems. I’d receive audit results and then I’d interpret those results into whatever recommendations they had made,” he explained.

However, it’s the deep experience and higher-level view that Alex currently values in his role as Clinical Governance Advisor.

“They’ve been very helpful in providing support in terms of governance and thinking about how systems should look in relation to compliance,” he said.

Meditrax highlight their responsibilities, how they should think about systems efficiently and where they might have risks across the board.

“I get the full view through Meditrax. And they highlight where things are in common in various homes,” he said

Working with a single point of contact has meant Meditrax and HammondCare can work through any of these collective themes together.
Communication is Key HammondCar
aged care

The value of Meditrax’s experience​

According to Alex:

“Meditrax has always been supportive of our care worker driven model of care and has always made sure any communication or guidance is written with our audience in mind.“

“They have provided a large array of documents and guides that help break down complex, legislative driven medication management concepts into bite sized, visually appealing and audience appropriate materials.

In some instances these materials have been incorporated directly into our teaching or guidance initiatives.

Examples of this include information around Antimicrobial Stewardship in Aged Care, Scheduled Medication Management, Medication storage, and Nurse initiated Medication Management,” he said.

Alex believes their open and transparent relationship helps them all improve medication management at HammondCare.

“I think our success is about the transparency and comfort to communicate openly,” he concluded.“

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