What services does Meditrax provide?

Meditrax provides an extensive selection of services in the following areas. To find out more, simply click the link.

Residential Medication Management Reviews (RMMRs)

RMMRs are comprehensive, holistic and conducted according to best-practice guidelines. Meditrax staff interview residents, liaise with aged care staff, review relevant resident notes and capture the results in a report to ensure they provide personalised assistance in managing and preventing medication-related issues.

Clinical Education

Staff of residential aged care facilities are equipped with the tools to meet educational requirements in compliance with Aged Care Standards 1.3 and 2.3 Education and Staff Development.

In-Service Sessions

Sessions have been developed and standardised to meet aged care industry requirements and to provide ongoing training for continuous improvement. Meditrax in-service sessions support nursing staff at different levels, RNs, PCAs and CSEs, and cover a comprehensive range of major areas of disease state management and classes of medications.


Take an in-depth look at the topics covered as part of Meditrax’s in-service sessions below.


Disease State Management

Cardiovascular (Atrial Fibrillation, Heart Failure, Congestive Cardiac Failure, Stroke, Hypertension, Ischaemic Heart Disease)
Anticoagulants and Antiplatelets
Behaviour Management for Nursing Staff
Depression in the Older Person
Parkinson’s Disease
Insomnia Management
Diabetes Management
Thyroid Disorders
Common Infections
Inflammatory Arthritic Conditions (RA, PMR, Temporal Arteritis)
Falls in the Older Person
Palliative Care
Pain Management
GORD and Diverticular Disease
Bowel Management
Eye Disorders
Respiratory Diseases
Skin Disorders


Medication Management

Medications and Ageing
Cytotoxics and Other Hazardous Medications
RN Medication Responsibilities and Delegation
Medication Administration
Crushing of Medications
S8 Management in NSW
Identifying Medication Errors
Medication Storage
Commonly Used Drugs and Side Effects

Clinical Enquiry Service

Meditrax’s telephone advice line supports medical professionals by providing advice on medication-related issues and clarification regarding legal responsibilities in the provision or administration of medication.

Policies and Procedures

These resources provide ongoing support and a framework to help develop policies and procedures that support safe medication management.

Medication Advisory Committee (MAC) Meetings

To promote safe and effective medication management, Meditrax can attend and advise at MAC meetings.

Home Medicine Review (HMR)

Reviews can be conducted by GP initiation or arranged in conjunction with community pharmacies.


All Meditrax audits are conducted by a Meditrax pharmacist and consider safe medication management, as well as the most relevant, up-to-date legal requirements.


Medication Management and Risk Audit 

The audit, which is conducted as per accreditation criterion 2.7, provides recommendations for action, enables facilities to demonstrate evidence of an external audit and supports continuous improvement in aged care facilities.


Medication Chart Discrepancy Audit

Highlights actual and potential errors to provide the basis for ongoing improvement in the ordering provision and ordering of supplies.


Psychotropic Medication Analyais Audit

Based on best practice and legal requirements, the audit identifies psychotropic medication use and examines whether diagnoses are available and documented to support the use of these medications.


Meditrax’s unique database records changing medication use, allowing aged care homes to benchmark the use of medications that may be associated with higher risks in the elderly population, such as sedatives and other psychotropic drugs. Comprehensive data or audits can be provided to benchmark chosen indicators and to provide evidence for continuous improvement.

Accreditation Assistance

Optimal and Safe Medication Administration (OSMA)

Provides vital support in the form of training and ongoing competency assessment to registered nurses and trained, non-registered staff to account for changes to the workforce and medication administration.


Competency components assist in training and provide ongoing assessments of staff that can be carried out in the workplace. These resources fill an essential role in ensuring safe medication management and administration.


OSMA includes:
– A competency assessment: background and instructions for 18 areas of medication administration, including different routes of administration (respiratory devices, patches and insulin, eye drops, etc.).
– Workbooks.


Accreditation Workshops

These workshops are an essential step to accreditation and provide a fundamental understanding of the key requirements for safe and optimised medication management.


Essential Facts

To provide the best possible care for residents, staff need to have access to relevant information.

Essential Facts provides policies on a variety of topics in a practical, easy-to-use format and addresses the most common issues that arise in the day to day health care for the aged.


Policies and Procedures Portal

This useful tool ensures facilities meet all medication management outcomes at accreditation, and provides a sound basis for ongoing management and quality use of medicines, every day.

Conference and Training

An annual training day is open to RNs, EENs and managers to further extend their knowledge on clinical care. Esteemed speakers include geriatricians, cardiologists, endocrinologists, psychogeriatricians, physiotherapists, dieticians and clinical nurse practitioners.

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