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Shifting the narrative to achieve medication competency through staff training and education

Aged, home and disability care training and education

At Meditrax, we believe in the power of education. When your staff have the right knowledge and skills, this translates to better quality of care.

Training and education is a key component of medication competency and confident medication management. We have several educational initiatives, including workshops and bespoke training, to equip your staff with the knowledge they need.

We can support you in many ways

In-House Education Sessions

We have designed a variety of targeted sessions to meet industry requirements of medication competency. We provide ongoing training for continuous improvement, designed to support nursing staff at all levels, such as RNs, ENs and direct care staff.

Our Learning menu covers a comprehensive range of major areas of disease state management and classes of medications.

Disease State Management Education and Training

Our Learning menu includes education and training in:

Medication Management education and training

Our Learning menu includes education and training in:
Medication Management and Risk Audit

What our clients say

Great Learnings!

They're well received in terms of the content and the sessions. And they’re always really great learnings.

Accredited Pharmacists

Meditrax Professional

Our Meditrax Professional program provides ongoing education and up-to-date information about medication management, mentoring from our accredited pharmacists as well as access to advice and forums.

We also provide several information and community-centred newsletters so all your staff and residents can stay up-to-date with medication information that isn’t available anywhere else.

Online courses


For flexible, online learning about medication management, we have launched our Medi-Learn platform. Developed by clinical pharmacists, this platform allows your staff to learn about medication management at a time that suits them.

We have modules that include Psychotropic Medications, Antimicrobial Stewardship and Polypharmacy in the Elderly. All courses are flexible, accessible, include CPD Tracking and there is the ability to add external education.
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