Who is team Meditrax?

Professional, multicultural and highly experienced, the team at Meditrax are highly regarded and dedicated to providing the best expertise. The Meditrax team is comprised of accredited clinical pharmacists, who have worked in the community, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry, supported by skilled administration staff.

Meditrax works with:

Residential Aged Care Facilities


Meditrax works with Australia wide aged care facilities, providing consulting services, comprehensive medication reviews and support services to help meet Accreditation Standards. Education programs and audits in aged care facilities can be provided to ensure services are continually improved.

Nursing Staff


Meditrax improves clinical knowledge in key areas by providing support services for nursing and care staff. Using questionnaires and an interactive learning model, education programs are more involved and engaging for staff. During these programs, Meditrax’s pharmacists address resident care concerns and provide relevant information to ensure everyone is comfortable and has the best knowledge. All programs are designed to meet the most up-to-date professional education requirements for registered nurses across Australia.



In order to provide the best patient care, GPs are provided with an individual, resident-based report that enables them to document relevant actions and outcomes. In addition to this report, GPs are informed about upcoming reviews that may be due. RMMRs (Residential Medication Management Reviews) and case conferences are conducted to optimise medication outcomes. RMMRs are a valuable, complementary service that use current guidelines and evidence-based information to identify drug related issues and optimise care. Case conferences are promoted and encouraged in a multi-disciplinary setting that involves GPs, nursing staff and a Meditrax pharmacist. These conferences are a Meditrax initiative and have demonstrated improvement in the collaborative care of the older person. Meditrax supports GPs by producing informative GP newsletters on the latest prescribing practices.

Residents and Relatives

Meditrax is dedicated to ensuring both residents and relatives are informed about Safe and qualitative use of medicines.


This important information is also translated into a quarterly newsletter.

The Community


Meditrax also conducts HMRs (Home Medicines Reviews) by GP initiation or in arrangement with community pharmacies.

Meditrax offers a wide range of services, including up-to-date advice on policies and procedures and essential system audits.