Diana Goodsell

Diana Goodsell

“Oh, you look much happier now that the footy is coming up!”

I came to this aged care home when I was in my 40’s. That’s young, isn’t it? I’m only coming up to 66 now. People always say, don’t talk about your birthday! I’m young still, so I like to!

This year I came equal first at the footy final competition. So, I’m getting good! Especially for somebody who doesn’t know about football! This year though, I’m going to be really happy, because I’m not second anymore, I’m equal first! The nurse here said, “Oh, you look much happier now that the footy is coming up!”

On my birthday, the registered nurse gives us cakes and that. I also have a friend that comes. This friend also has a mum in a nursing home. He says that if I need any help he will help me, but if anything happens to his mother, he may not be able to come anymore. So, it’s good to have friends. I have other friends in the nursing home, but many of them are gone by now, as I’ve been here 20 years!

I used to be in the clothing industry in St Leonards. I started off in Redfern and then went to Newtown, to visit my auntie who I used to live with. That’s three different suburbs. I had to get four trains; two there and two home. I would leave for work at 7am and get home at half past 7pm. That’s a lot of trains.

We used to live in Dulwich Hill. We had many animals; a dog, cat, rabbits, birds, fish and chooks. I remember the chooks! A canary, budgie and finch; it was big as anything and it looked like a farm! We were in a small room; me, my mum and my auntie.