The Medication Management Policies and Procedures Template 2nd Edition has just been released!

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The Medication Management Policies and Procedures Template 2nd Edition has just been released!
by Samara Haloob - Wednesday, 28 June 2017, 7:59 AM

Many facilities will be undergoing Reaccreditation during 2018, and it is important to review Policies and Procedures well beforehand to ensure that when assessed, there is consistency between what is written as Policy and Procedure and what is occurring on a day to day basis.

Meditrax Pharmacists are Medication Management Specialists dealing specifically with Aged Care. Our UPDATED Medication Management Policy and Procedure Development Template may be a helpful tool to ensure your facility meets all Medication Management outcomes at accreditation. It also provides a sound basis for ongoing safe medication management and quality use of medicines, every day.

Policies and Procedures should be relevant and clear, reflecting current professional guidelines and mindful of the goal to optimise resident medication outcomes.

Our Policies and Procedures Development Template has been moulded by the Meditrax team based on many years of experience carrying out Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) activities, including the development of educational and training programs and risk management manuals, conducting regular medication management systems and psychotropic drug audits, and being on-site and on-hand to identify and respond to day to day issues.

Key references consulted included relevant legislation, the Department of Health and Ageing's "Guiding Principles for Medication Management in Residential Aged Care Facilities" 2012, Nursing professional practice guidelines, Pharmacy professional practice guidelines, and the Aged Care Standards.

The Template is designed to be modified according to individual facility practices, given there are varied Aged Care models that meet required legislation and fulfill the criteria for safe medication management.

Meditrax can assist the management team at your facility to tailor the document to the particular practices in place, and/or make recommendations where a gap or need to change a Policy or Procedure is identified.