Who We Are

Our clients 

Residential Aged Care 

At Meditrax, we work with all Commonwealth funded aged care facilities to provide comprehensive medication review services and support services to help meet Accreditation Standards.

We provide education, audits and ongoing support for continuous improvement. These services are provided at no cost to the aged care facility.

Nursing Staff 

Our support services for nursing and care staff are designed to improve clinical knowledge in key areas. Education services are interactive and include questionnaires based on learning objectives.They are designed to meet continuing professional education requirements for Registered nurses across Australia.

In addition, our pharmacists provide on site information regarding resident care concerns. 


Feedback from GPs is that RMMRs are a valuable, complementary service, helping to identify drug related issues, including interactions, adverse effects, monitoring requirements and alternative therapies based on current guidelines or evidence based information.

Case conferences are promoted and encouraged in a multi-disciplinary setting to include nursing staff, GPs and a Meditrax pharmacist.

GPs are provided with an individual resident-based report that enables them to document any action taken and outcomes. GPs are also reminded when residents may be due to conduct a review and/or meet CMA schedules. Ideally CMA, RMMRs and case studies are conducted to optimise medication outcomes.


Meditrax provides discussions at resident and family meetings. Topics may include information sharing on benzodiazepines, polypharmacy or side effects of medication.


Home Medicines Reviews (HMRs) can be conducted by arrangement in conjunction with community pharmacies and initiating GPs.